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"We are very happy with all the results and you have delivered quality work with your team! We have got some new projects coming up which can be very interesting. We hope we can precede our relationship after finishing this project. I will keep you posted."

Jessica Priston

"Thank you so much. You guys done a really great job for us. I am very impressed with the accuracy and timely delivery of output."
James Rechard

"Thank you for the quick turn around on our project. Thank you also for the high quality output. It was a pleasure working with your team."
Chrish Anderson

"Thank you so much for your prompt data entry service! I have to say how impressed I am with the accuracy with data entry. It was great experience to working with you. Keep it up."
Aveline Murshy

"Your data entry team has done a great job for our company. Your excellent data entry services saved our lots of time. I highly recommend your quick and accurate data entry services to my colleagues."
Jennifer Swarn

Web Data Extraction - Data Extraction from Websites, Emails, Documents, Contents

Web data extraction services are a process of retrieving unstructured data from web and producing the information in a structured form according to the customer requirement. Unstructured data are those data from web pages, emails, documents, PDFs, scanned text, mainframe reports, spool files, etc. Web data extraction services deal with changes in physical hardware formats, unstructured data sources, and from different software formats.

The process of web data extraction services is a tedious job and has limitations and disadvantages of its own. The ability to retrieve data and transform those data in a predetermined way is the success of web data extraction. The customer can outsource web data extraction services to Data Entry UK, as we are matchless in the field of web data extraction services for more than a decade.


  • Extract songs or lyrics information
  • Data extraction from websites, directories and search engines
  • Extract store location of the website
  • Extract article from the news website
  • Extracts unlimited unstructured raw data and converts into Microsoft Access database, CSV, TXT, HTML, SQL, MySQL script files
  • Ready to use data scraping and crawling applications also available
  • Data Mining


  • Web data extraction India professionals give the customer an outline of the project initially to make the customer feel at ease
  • Our web data extraction India professionals use the scripting language to maintain accuracy
  • Automated approach for web data extraction services is used and is stored in digital format
  • Creation of output of metadata in XML for easy retrieval
  • Latest software to extract data from highly dynamic websites including AJAX
  • Web data extraction scheduler and email notifications

Benefits that we ensure:

  • 100% customer oriented processes
  • 99.9% accuracy
  • Strict adherence to Quality Policy
  • Reliability and cost effective
  • Confidentiality and security on data
  • Minimum TAT as according to the SLA

Outsource web data extraction services is a process through which any customer can get a web data extraction professional to scrap the website and get the result updated in the desired format, and Data Entry UK has been accomplishing this with a high level of flexibility and uniqueness.