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Recent Clients


"We are very happy with all the results and you have delivered quality work with your team! We have got some new projects coming up which can be very interesting. We hope we can precede our relationship after finishing this project. I will keep you posted."

Jessica Priston

"Thank you so much. You guys done a really great job for us. I am very impressed with the accuracy and timely delivery of output."
James Rechard

"Thank you for the quick turn around on our project. Thank you also for the high quality output. It was a pleasure working with your team."
Chrish Anderson

"Thank you so much for your prompt data entry service! I have to say how impressed I am with the accuracy with data entry. It was great experience to working with you. Keep it up."
Aveline Murshy

"Your data entry team has done a great job for our company. Your excellent data entry services saved our lots of time. I highly recommend your quick and accurate data entry services to my colleagues."
Jennifer Swarn

Data Research - Qualitative Data Research Services

In today's world, data and time play a very crucial role in modern web business. Data research becomes one of the core parts of our business and the time taken to deliver the result of time bound projects like elections, examinations, financial documentation and population censuses, etc., signifies the delivery standard.

Data Entry UK has been in this business for over a decade and had been a proud owner of satisfied customers globally. Outsource data research to Data Entry UK and we assure the customer of accurate, easily retrievable and organized data. Getting the right data at the right time forms the base and success of data research services.


  • Preliminary analysis with the customer to understand customer requirement
  • Latest and up to date software and hardware solutions
  • State of the art bureau facility
  • Full system integration, on going support and consultancy


  • Market data research project development
  • Competitors update
  • Customized to perform screen scrapping or manual data extraction
  • Marketing, products, jobs, audio /video and images data research
  • Telephone survey
  • Project scope development
  • Data collection, survey design
  • Database creation
  • Online data aggregation / collection
  • XML tagging
  • Content conversion / rewriting for SEO


  • With our proven quality analysis process and online real time dashboard, the customer receives up to date details starting from individual records to the whole summary
  • All digital with automatic voice recording
  • Online editorial option
  • Effective on time and affordable data research services

Data research services can be done both online and offline. Outsource data research service to us and it will enable the customer to plan, implement and manage day to day activities. Our customer testimonials speak about our ability to respond quickly to the client requirement in illustrating the market trend, demand estimation, brands, prices, new product development/launch, marketing and distribution strategies, etc. Our highly qualified professionals with their effective and deep research knowledge are capable of handling complex web research projects within a short time frame, and produce exceptional results which reaches far beyond customer expectations.